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In a world where technology is advancing as the clock keeps ticking, it imperative to have access to laboratories that can provide 100% authentic results whilst utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.  Along with the highest-quality equipment, ITG Labs homes a team of world-class expert leaders that are paving the innovative and technological world as we know it.  Our lab has over 25 years of experience in a field that is the most complex of its kind and has succeeded endlessly at keeping up with all of the evolving technological advancement and market trends.  It is of utmost importance to utilize a lab that is not only notable, but whose reputation proceeds them.  Here at ITG Labs, we provide a service that cannot be duplicated nor beaten.  Alongside countless awards, solving cases that utilize our high-quality lab equipment and DNA analyses, manufacturing creams, liquids and tablets, and finding cures to a variety of different drug and disease compounds, our results speak for themselves.

Our automated computer systems and content management processes allow us to adequately store the results that we find in order to analyze them efficiently and accurately.  From synthesis, DNA sequencing, Biophysics to product manufacturing and disease cures, our high performance computing allows us to pave the way to the future.  Biomedical and biological research is the key foundation to finding the cures that ail us in our society, everybody being affected.  It is of utmost importance to continue educating ourselves as well as society in the new sciences that develop every single day.  Our computing technologies cannot be surpassed, creating our labs as one of the most high-tech and leading companies in the entire industry.  Our custom-designed laboratory houses the equipment that has been and will continue changing the science and health world.

We are among one of the largest and most active laboratories in the nation.  Our manufacturing plant creates products that are sold largely in nationally-known stores and businesses are booming from our contributions and creations.  Alongside our incredible equipment and expert staff, we our numerous safety features should also be noted as top-ranked.  While we continue creating, analyzing and discovering the future of science, keeping not only our workers, but society safe is the most important.  A safe lab is a happy lab!  The external support and acknowledgement we receive from society is why we do what we do.  We are here to change the world and make it a better, safer place to live in.

Not only do we provide the services aforementioned, we pride ourselves in the education we have adhered from our years of experience in this field.  We love to share the knowledge we gain with the younger generation in order to prepare them to take over if they so choose to enter the world of health and science.  Our extension of this ever-evolving knowledge is what is going to help the future of science continue to grow and manifest the results we need to cure every disease and create the most reputable, helpful and eco-friendly products on the market.  There is nothing our lab cannot handle.  We are fully-equipped to handle every opportunity to help the world of science continue to manifest for generations to come.


Responsiveness Saves Manufacturer Millions:

A major pharmaceutical company was threatened with a facility shut down by the FDA due to the presence of unknown particles in one of their processes. A lengthy shutdown would cost the company millions of dollars.

Our team arrived on site within 24 hours and discovered that some on the chemicals used for the manufacturing process was contaminated. Since we were able to pin-point the source of contamination the company was able to locate other suppliers for the chemical.

• We analysed problem in depth
• Prepared validation protocols for improved tests
• Provided support in execution of validation protocols
• Prepared validation report


We were asked to provide support to a research-based drug discovery company.

• Design of a pharmaceutical compound selection process
• Salt and morphic form selection
• Development of pre-clinical formulations for toxicology testing
• Preformulation studies as part of compound selection
• Design and development of materials for ‘First in Man’ studies
• Selection and supervision of the manufacturer of clinical materials
• Development of the manufacturing elements of the Investigational Medicinal Product regulatory dossier
• Supervision of the clinical trial packaging operation on the behalf of the sponsor

Our contribution enabled company to move forwards cost-effectively and quickly, saving substantial amounts of time and money.

Our unique expertise opened up new possibilities and ideas to our client, increasing their chance of a successful product development.


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