Our Mission Statement

ITG Labs mission is threefold: research, service and education. Methods development and analytical services are provided that support clinical and basic research in drug abuse treatment, and forensic toxicology. This research includes the metabolism, disposition and pharmacology of drugs and anti-abuse medications. ITG Labs scientist teaches pharmacology and toxicology to University students and train scientists in the analysis of drugs and their metabolites in biological specimens.

It is our duty to utilize our high-quality equipment in order to find the solutions we are seeking.  Finding cures, analyzing how to protect our environment and solving complex cases is what we pride our successes in.  Our team of highly-trained laboratory workers and scientists are solely responsible for the large array of successes and awards we have received, and we pride ourselves in our hard work and strong spirit.  We are dedicated to providing the best services as well as products to our clients to continue the evolution of science as we know it.

Our mission does not stop there… we continue to strive to find new technological developments as well as train our scientists in utilizing the newest technologies as the science world continues to shift.  It is so important to understand how our world works and how to protect the environment.  Utilizing the tools that we have man-made as well as what the Earth naturally provides us creates an incredible combination for remedies and results that we need to continue to stay safe and healthy.

Our promise to you is to provide the proper materials and manufacturing to implement the products that your business requires.  We also promise to continue our abundant research mastering cures and remedies as well as fine-tuning the scientific knowledges we have acquired over years of experience and development.  Here at ITG Labs, we help you help your business and find the answers you desire.  We work hard to serve you and your specific needs.